Hotel Location

A unique 4 star superior Hotel located at the outskirts of Kalampaka, near the central railway station, right below the magnificent, eternal rocks of Meteora, where style and comfort are happily coupled to offer a pleasant stay with the finest accommodation and delightful culinary experiences.

You will discover a distinctive building with elegant classical interior design, enjoy the very best in luxury and service, and entice yourself with our creative Mediterranean and International cuisine while being spoiled with the 'little things' a guest needs to make one feel at home.

Centrally located, it is a short walk from Kalampaka's cultural highlights, Meteora and commercial centre making it ideal for leisure and business travellers.

Whatever the purpose of your visit to Meteora Greece, explore our pages and find out what truly makes the Hotel Famissi exclusive holidays!

About Kalampaka

Kalampaka (also spelled Kalambaka or Kalabaka) is a town of 12 000 citizens and is situated on the foot of the most extraordinary Meteora rocks. A big part of the daily life of the locals is centered on Tourism, hence the generous number of hotels, restaurants, shops and cafes. Kalampaka is at times underestimated as merely sharing the glory of the Meteora pinnacles that spectacularly rise at the near background. However, it is a town with a very rich and long history in itself.

About Meteora

How could anyone describe this astonishing geological phenomenon, the breathtaking landscape, the inspiration and spirituality felt, the awe for man’s achievements in an effort to express his religious drive, when these are only some of the many things a traveler experiences when visiting this phenomenal land!

About Kastraki

Kastraki (meaning “small castle”) is a small, peaceful village which from afar looks like an eagle's nest at the bottom of two gigantic rocks. The village seems to pick up from right where the town of Kalampaka ends, when driving towards Meteora. Kastraki is indeed a most picturesque place with an authentic, local character.

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